February 22, 2020


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HLE vs GRF – Game 3 | Week 3 Day 4 S10 LCK Spring 2020 | Hanwha Life vs Griffin G3 W3D4

GRF vs HLE G3 W3D4 lck Spring 2020 – Griffin vs Hanwha Life Game 3 Week 3 Day 4 LoL eSports LCK Korea Spring 2020.
LoL eSports Season 10 LCK Spring 2020 – Hanwha Life vs Griffin Game 3.
Third match of the day – Griffin vs Hanwha Life best of 3 game 3. HLE vs GRF G3 W3D4.

Hanwha Life Esports Line-up:
Cuvee – top Sett
Haru – jungle Lee Sin
Tempt – mid Taliyah
Lava – ADC Ezreal
Lehends – support Thresh

Griffin Line-up:
Sword – Top Mordekaiser
Tarzan – Jungle Jarvan IV
Ucal – Mid Orianna
Viper – ADC Miss Fortune
Irove – Support Taric

Patch: 10.3 – Season 10
Game date: 22.02.2020 | 02/22/2020 | February 22nd 2020
Game place: LoL Park in Seoul, South korea
Casters: LS and Valdez

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